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How long can I drive my Toyota with the fuel light on?

How far will my Toyota go on empty?

Pretty much every driver knows the stress of a fuel gauge hitting “empty.” But how much further can you actually drive with a gas gauge at “E?” How far will my Toyota go on empty?

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Toyota Lineup Average Distance on Empty

car gas gaugeHow far you can go on an “empty” tank varies depending on your vehicle. “Tank on Empty” compiles data submitted by drivers to determine the average miles a car will travel once the gas gauge hits empty.

The range a vehicle can travel on empty depends on multiple factors. The obvious one is the vehicle’s fuel-economy ratings, but the size of your car’s gas tank also makes a difference.

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For the Toyota lineup, hybrid models like the Prius and Camry Hybrid lead the way. Efficient cars like the Camry and Corolla are also near the top of the list. Vehicles with larger gas tanks, such as the Tundra and Highlander, also turn in respectable ratings. Non-hybrid models average between 35-45 miles for a range on empty.

These numbers are just averages. Actual mileage will vary depending on many factors. It is advised to fill up your gas tanks a soon as you can once the gauge hits empty.

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