A photo of the engine start/stop used by many Toyota vehicles.

What should you do when your keyless entry and ignition systems isn’t working?

Toyota Smart Key FAQs and troubleshooting solutions

Toyota vehicles are almost universally synonymous with fuel efficiency and overall reliability. But the lineup of the automaker’s vehicle available in the Colonial Toyota showroom is also among the most convenient and owner-friendly options in the entire industry. At the top of the list of convenience features found on most Toyota vehicles is its keyless entry and ignition system. It’s entirely possible that Toyota Smart Key could be a feature that owners haven’t needed to work with before. Our team of product experts puts together this guide to common Toyota Smart Key FAQs and troubleshooting solutions you might need. If you have any issues with Toyota Smart Key along the way, feel free to stop by the Colonial Toyota showroom today.

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Why doesn’t my engine start when using Toyota Smart Key?

The genius of the Toyota Smart Key system lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Basically, as long as the key fob is within range of the vehicle, an owner will be able to unlock doors, access the trunk and start the vehicle. However, as reliable as this system is, some problems could occur and here how you can handle them until a repair solution can be found.

If your vehicle doesn’t start when pushing the ignition (engine start) button, here are the most common reasons:

The brake pedal must be firmly pressed when your starting your vehicle using the Toyota Smart Key system. If it doesn’t work the first time, check your feet and make sure you’re pressing the brake pedal while hitting the start button at the same time.

How do I change the batteries in my Toyota key fob?

Obviously, Toyota Smart Key needs a working battery. If the battery starts to fail, there might not be enough power available to send or receive the signal needed to start the vehicle. Toyota recommends holding the key fob as close to the start button as possible, then follow the normal procedure.

Your vehicle’s battery could be weak. This may require a jump start or possibly a new battery altogether. If you feel this is the case, look for other signs like dim interior lights or the starter motor struggling to engage. The Colonial Toyota Service Department will be happy to test your battery to help you diagnose the issue.

Some Toyota vehicles may be equipped with a Smart Key kill switch. If the key fob isn’t being recognized, it could be that the switch has been engaged. If you have worked through the rest of the steps, you can check the position of the switch by locating it at the bottom of the instrument panel, directly below the steering wheel.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with technology. Please stop by the showroom or service department today, if you need any help figuring these things out.