A photo of the Prius badge used on the back of the 2021 Toyota Prius.

Toyota marks 20 years of Prius hybrid vehicle production

Upgrades for the 2021 Toyota Prius 

A lot has changed since the first Toyota Prius arrived in the United States some 20 days ago. To mark the important milestone, our manufacturing partner has pulled back the curtain and given us a look at some of the upgrades for the 2021 Toyota Prius. When the newest version of Toyota’s most famous hybrid arrives at the Colonial Toyota showroom, it will certainly continue to offer world-class fuel economy, but a few lucky buyers could also get a special anniversary edition. Toyota will make 2,020 units of the 20th Anniversary Edition that will include special badging, two exclusive exterior colors and refined black exterior accent elements. Let’s take a look at some other things you might need to know about the 2021 Prius. 

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Performance and Efficiency Info 

Toyota hasn’t released the official performance output figures for the 2021 Toyota Prius. However, we do know that the 2021 Prius will be built on the automaker’s Toyota New Global Architecture. Drivers will have more than enough performance to work with while also taking full advantage of the hybrid hatchback’s city and highway combined fuel economy rating of 52 miles per gallon. Additionally, Toyota will be equipped more 2021 Prius trims with the ability to make short trips without using a drop of gasoline by activating its electric-only driving mode

A front right quarter photo of the 2021 Toyota Prius.
A rear left quarter photo of the 2021 Toyota Prius.

Updated Safety Technology 

The 2021 Toyota Prius will be equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. This system has been available with several Toyota models recently. One of the system’s additions that piques the interest of new buyers is Road Sign Assist. The exterior array of cameras will look for certain relevant road signs and display them on the multifunction display behind the steering wheel. This will come in very handy when traveling on unfamiliar highways. 

Customers can start the pre-ordering process for the 2021 Toyota Prius today by making an appointment with a Colonial Toyota product expert.