A rear photo of the 2020 Toyota Corolla from one of its new commercials.

The 2020 Corolla has arrived at Colonial Toyota, get ready for the ad campaign

What are the songs used in the 2020 Toyota Corolla commercials?

The latest era in the long and storied history of the Toyota Corolla has officially dawned at the Colonial Toyota showroom. Customers can see the all-new Corolla platform in its gasoline engine configuration at the dealership. As is almost always the case when a vehicle is first delivered, initial numbers of the 2020 Corolla are going to be on the low side. As production ramps up, you will definitely see a media blitz surrounding the new compact sedan that might leave you wondering, ‘What are the songs used in the 2020 Toyota Corolla commercials?’ Our partners at Toyota have shed some light on that question as well as having given us a glimpse at one of several advertisements that will be coming.

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Rainy Day


Toyota has produced five commercials for the 2020 Corolla ad campaign. They are titled, “Battle,” “Rainy Day,” “Train,” “All Natural” and “We.” In the “Rainy Day” version of the commercial, the song is an original cover of “I Put a Spell on You” by Chaka Kahn. According to materials released by the automaker, Kahn’s rendition of the song is meant to show that even something as mundane as going through a car wash can be an adventure when you’re driving the 2020 Toyota Corolla.

“’I Put a Spell on You’ has been covered by a lot of artists,” Chaka Khan said in a press release.  “I loved the opportunity to make it my own and create a signature soundtrack for the Toyota spot.”

The rest of the coming commercials are centered on the idea that the 2020 Corolla has been redesigned to offer a more expressive generation a common touchpoint in the 21st century

You will be able to see the commercials on most of your favorite channels and events in the coming weeks. In addition to the main broadcast networks, NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC, the automaker has partnered with the NBA Draft and the Hulu streaming service to bring their messages about the Corolla to potential buyers.


All Natural

Anyone who wants to capitalize on seeing the 2020 Toyota Corolla at our showroom before the buzz hits the next level can make an appointment with a product expert today.