2019 Toyota C-HR in Milford, CT

The lineup Toyota crossover SUVs available at the Colonial Toyota showroom is arguably the most comprehensive in the entire automotive industry. A unique customer requires a unique crossover SUV platform, that’s where the 2019 Toyota C-HR in Milford, CT. The vehicle has recently arrived at the Colonial Toyota showroom with an updated set of advanced technology features, even though the Toyota C-HR is just one year removed from debuting in the lineup. Buyers considering the nimble, flexible and efficient 2019 Toyota C-HR will now be able to connect their favorite devices to the crossover SUV’s infotainment, unlocking a new world of on-the-go functionality. Customers can schedule a test drive with the 2019 Toyota C-HR at Colonial Toyota today by calling, 203-403-6890.
When the Toyota C-HR debuted at Colonial Toyota, the dealership’s visitors were almost immediately enthralled with its sleek lines and flexible interior. While available list of standard accessories found with the 2019 Toyota C-HR has changed for the new model year, the vehicle precise handling and sharp cornering characteristics. In fact, independent reviews have praised the fun-to-drive nature of the C-HR since day one. Nobody should be fooled by the slim dimensions of the 2019 Toyota C-HR. When the vehicle is being used by its maximum number of passengers, there is still approximately 19 cubic-feet of cargo space. This easily eclipses the amount of trunk space found in many compact members of its class. When properly configured, the 2019 C-HR can offer up to 36.4 cubic-feet of cargo volume.
A photo of the driver information display in the 2019 C-HR.

Performance Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Toyota C-HR is a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that is attached to a continuously variable transmission. The powertrain, which can be found on every trim grade of the C-HR, will produce 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque. Front-wheel-drive is also standard.

A photo of an iPhone attached to the infotainment system in the 2019 C-HR.

New Connectivity Features

Device integration is a must for a vehicle competing for today’s automotive marketplace. The infotainment system equipped in the 2019 Toyota C-HR is compatible with most, if not all of the most popular applications iPhone users enjoy every day. Apple CarPlay is standard on the 2019 C-HR.

A photo of the technology equipped in the 2019 Toyota C-HR.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

The available of a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot is one of the most welcome additions to the Toyota brand. Up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be connected to the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot which is provided by Verizon Wireless. Owners who are existing Verizon customer may be able to add the data bucket to their account.