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Get Online Pre-Approval for Financing in Milford, CT

Once you’ve secured your auto financing, you’re free to explore Milford, Connecticut, and far beyond your hometown. Before that, Colonial Toyota can guide you through all the steps it takes to get into a comfortable finance plan.

With so many options, we’d like to let you know what they are, so you can be prepared for when the time comes to sign on the dotted or virtual line.

Keep reading to learn more!

Use Our Online Shopping Tools

At any time during the car-buying or -leasing process, you may fill out our finance application online or at our dealership. If you’re unfamiliar with any terms, feel free to contact a finance specialist who can explain anything you need.

Other shopping tools include the complimentary payment calculator, which provides your estimated monthly payment. This tool can be used when you’re deciding between several vehicles, or you want to figure out your budget.

If you’re trading in a car, you may be interested in seeing how much it could yield in a trade. This figure can be input into the payment calculator, so you can get a more accurate estimated payment.

Buy Your Car Online With Fast Trac

Can you stay home and buy a car online? With Fast Trac, you can, and it’s just as quick and easy as you can imagine.

This online system escorts you through every step, including selection, financing, and delivery. In fact, you can also trade in your current ride through this unique and convenient system.

Lease or Loan: Which Works for You?

When shopping for a vehicle, have you thought about what type of financing you’d prefer? Depending on your individual circumstances, you may choose either a lease or loan to finance your Toyota. If you’re unfamiliar with what may be best for you, discuss your options with a finance specialist.

A lease works for drivers who want more flexibility and a short-term commitment. Within two to three years, you’ll be picking out a new model and returning your current lease.

Those drivers who choose a loan become the owners of their vehicles. They can customize it, rack up the mileage, and sell or trade it in when they need a new automobile.

Vehicle Specials, Incentives, and Programs

Before you finalize your purchase, why not check out our new and used vehicle specials? You never know how much you could save on your new car without looking here first. The vehicle you’ve been eyeing may be in the spotlight!

We provide special incentives to honor groups like college graduates. If you believe that you qualify, talk to your finance specialist and let them know, or fill out our form online. You could receive a rebate when you buy a new Toyota.

Concerned about your credit score? Our dealership offers a vehicle finance program through NU-Start that helps clients with lower credit scores to finance a vehicle. We’ll work with you and do our best to get you flexible credit pre-approval through this special program.

Finance a Car at Colonial Toyota

The automotive financing team at Colonial Toyota is specially trained and has exclusive resources available to give people the assistance they need. We provide a range of options for drivers throughout the Milford, CT, area.

Let us help you through every stage and every scenario, so you can drive off in your favorite Toyota. Contact us today!

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