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Certified Toyota Oil Change near Westport, CT

There is nothing more important to maintaining the health of any vehicle than following the scheduled maintenance plan laid out in the owner’s manual. At the top of the list of important scheduled maintenance tasks is changing the oil. For an expertly done certified Toyota oil change near Westport, CT, a 25-minute drive to the Colonial Toyota Service Department will meet all of a vehicle owner’s needs and then some. Not only is our service department staffed by a team of highly-trained experts, but we also provide waiting customers with a slew of amenities that will make the wait as comfortable as possible.

Customers of Colonial Toyota have several ways to schedule an appointment to get the oil changed in their vehicle. You can follow the links on this page, fill out the embedded form or call 203-403-6890 to make an appointment by phone.

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Why do I need to change my oil?

The importance of engine oil to the overall health of a vehicle cannot be overstated. Oil provides the necessary lubrication to keep engine components that operate inside of very tight tolerances, measured in fractions of an inch, moving as they are intended to move. Additionally, engine oil plays a key role in removing the heat that builds up through the normal course of driving. As oil ages, it breaks down and stops being effective. Not only will the oil become less effective at its purpose, but it will also leave behind dirt and contaminants which may cause severe damage.

The Colonial Toyota Advantage

Among the most important advantages offered by the Colonial Toyota Service Department is the shop’s commitment to following the automaker’s best practices. This means that Colonial Toyota service customers will get the exact, factory-approved oil in the engine and the filters will also be replaced with original equipment manufacturer components. Other operations may try to substitute aftermarket elements that could leave your vehicle open to nearly catastrophic damage.

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