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Toyota Spring Maintenance near Westport, CT 

For many of us, spring can never come fast enough. Winters can get long, and cabin fever is a real problem for a lot of people. Just like you are ready for nice weather to arrive, your vehicle also needs to get ready. The end of February or the beginning of March is the perfect time to start thinking about scheduling certified Toyota Spring vehicle maintenance near Westport, CT at the Colonial Toyota Service Department. Winter can take a toll on the best cared-for vehicles and the changing season is as good of a reason as any to have an expert take a look at any issues that might have presented themselves. Our team is more than qualified to handle any problem that a customer can bring to us. 

An appointment can be made using our online scheduling tool or by calling, 203-403-2640. 

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

What should be looked at before spring? 

The Colonial Toyota Service Department can take an overall look at a vehicle during any service appointment. If someone is already stopping by to have an oil change, our team isn’t going to stop there. Every service visit comes with an extensive multi-point inspection that can identify small issues before they become major problems. Our crew will look at your fluid levels, tire pressure and the overall health of your brakes. Each of these things can be negatively affected by harsh winter driving conditions. As long as your vehicle is going to be up on the lift, this is also a good time to have the coolant and radiator systems examined and having the anti-freeze refilled if needed. Also, owners can check with our team if it’s time to have the tires rotated. 

What if I don’t own a Toyota vehicle? 

It strikes us as completely possible that someone reading this might not own a Toyota car, truck or SUV. That’s ok, we can still help you make sure your vehicle is ready for the spring driving season. Our service team can easily and affordably obtain all of the necessary parts to fix almost any make and model that might show up on our doorstep. We’ll always used factory-approved parts and components to make sure you have confidence in your vehicle. 

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