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Toyota Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance near Westport, CT

Regardless of when you find this page on the Colonial Toyota website, it will never be a bad time to think about bringing your Toyota vehicle in for a service appointment. If the thought of facing yet another summer with a car, truck or SUV that just won’t cool down is too much to bear, give us a call today about Toyota air conditioner repair and maintenance near Westport, CT. In most vehicles, environmental controls don’t require a whole lot of attention until something goes wrong at the worst possible moment. Automotive air conditioners work in a very similar manner to the units that keep our homes pleasantly comfortable in the summer. Don’t drive another mile in an uncomfortably hot vehicle!

You can make an appointment to have a Colonial Toyota service expert look at your broken air conditioner, or any other malfunctioning component by calling 203-403-2640.

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

Signs my car’s air conditioner is broken

There are a few telltale signs that your vehicle’s air conditioner is on the blink. The most telling symptom is that little or no cool air actually comes from the vents. There are several reasons that this could be happening including various components being clogged, bad seals or hoses as well as a ventilation fan that is broken. If the air flow is ok, but not very cold, this could be a little more serious and fixing it will almost certainly require professional help. The best-case scenario is that the system is low on Freon, which can be easily refilled at home.

What if I don’t own a Toyota?

Even though it says, ‘Toyota’ on the front of the building, we can service or repair just about anything you might be driving. As we do with our in-brand customers, all repairs are completed with original equipment manufacturer-approved parts. Additionally, all of our service appointments are carried out with the same attention to detail as our team would demonstrate with Toyota-branded vehicles. Just because you don’t own a Toyota vehicle (yet), doesn’t mean you should miss out on our top-flite service department.

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