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Toyota-approved aftermarket parts in Milford, CT

By and large, Toyota vehicles are the best-equipped cars, trucks and SUVs in the automotive industry. This happens because the automaker builds vehicles to meet the needs of as many different buyers as possible. However, there are always some people that will not fit within these parameters. If you are looking to reliably modify your vehicle and need Toyota-approved aftermarket parts and accessories in Milford, CT, the Colonial Toyota Parts Department has several options for you. Most Toyota vehicles are available with a catalog that offer a wide array of factory-approved parts that can change the look of the interior or make it easier to secure cargo. Additionally, the parts experts at Colonial Toyota can find and order anything you need to make your car, truck or SUV work better for you.

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What kind of parts can I get?

To be sure, there are a lot of Toyota vehicles on the road. It's not uncommon at all for buyers to want to find affordable and reliable ways to customize their vehicles as well as make them easier to use. There is all manner of parts and components that Toyota owners can choose from. Do you own a Toyota SUV and are tired of items sliding around the cargo area? There are several options for securing cargo like foldable nets and bins. Are you looking for a sportier look for your Camry? There are lots of chrome accent pieces available. Our team can order these parts and install them for you as well.

Yakima accessories available at Colonial Toyota

One of the most common subsets of Toyota customers who visit the Colonial Toyota showroom is those with an active lifestyle. Models like the RAV4 Adventure and 4Runner are some of the most popular Toyota vehicles for getting people out into nature. Toyota and cargo-hauling equipment manufacturer Yakima Products, Inc. have partnered to bring buyers a new set of top-quality accessories that can aid in almost facet of camping, biking and hiking. Customers will be able to order these parts directly from Colonial Toyota and have them installed professionally before you take your new vehicle home.

“Toyota customers have long been adventurous with active lifestyles, which makes them the perfect fit for Yakima products,” Paul Holdridge, vice president of guest experience and retention for Toyota, said in a press release. “This partnership expands the locations our customers can purchase and install Yakima products, while providing them the opportunity to further personalize their vehicle purchase within our dealerships.”

A study carried out by an aftermarket industry group found that about 90 percent of buyers need to have additional equipment added to their vehicle. Previously, buyers would need to go through a laborious process to find these parts, verify the parts will fit on their can and find a qualified shop to install the purchase. Choosing Yakima roof racks, bike mounts and cargo boxes during the buying process at Colonial Toyota will ensure that you get the right parts that are professionally installed.

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