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Hybrid Battery Replacement in Milford, CT

When the Toyota Prius was first available in the United States, naysayers dismissed the innovative hybrid platform as little more than a gimmick. Nearly 20 years later, not only is the Prius one of the most popular hybrid vehicles in a rapidly expanding automotive industry segment, but the automaker has adapted to technology to appear on even more vehicles including sedans and crossover SUVs. Just like anything in the automotive world, the key to getting the most from any vehicle is to pay attention to a vehicle’s maintenance and service needs. Given the age of the first generation of the Prius, it’s time for people start looking into Toyota hybrid battery replacement in Milford, CT.

There are a lot of maintenance tasks that can be done at home. However, dealing with the intricate Toyota hybrid system is probably one of those things that are best left to the highly-trained experts at the Colonial Toyota Service Department.

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How long to Toyota hybrid batteries last?

Eventually, every component in an automobile is going to need some attention. According to the best-available, the expert technicians working at Colonial Toyota say that hybrid batteries will need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years on the road or after driving between 120,000 to 150,000 miles. Of course, Toyota’s warranty program covers unexpected defects for quite a long time. It takes an intimate knowledge of the hybrid system to properly replace the batteries. Colonial Toyota’s team is specially-trained to follow the manufacturer’s best-practices for handling this procedure.

Can it work without a hybrid battery?

The hybrid battery system used in Toyota models like the Prius are instrumental to its operation. This means that if the battery needs to be replaced or suffers a failure, the vehicle will not run. There isn’t a way to reconfigure the powertrain to bypass the native battery system. Additionally, Toyota hybrid owners will certainly see a drop in fuel economy as the hybrid battery system nears the point of needing replacement.

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