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Toyota Transmission Flush in Milford CT

It is stating it mildly to say that there it requires a lot of moving parts to make a Toyota car, truck or SUV move and perform as intended. Sure, the vehicle’s engine is important, but it can’t do much if the power it creates can’t get to the wheels. This is actually what the transmission does, it transmits power from the engine to where it needs to be. Because of this, modern transmissions are very intricate pieces of machinery that are precisely built to very tight tolerances.

It’s pretty easy to imagine that a transmission will get pretty hot and need lubrication to stay functioning. You’ll eventually need a Toyota transmission flush in Milford, CT while you own your vehicle, and you should only trust this work to be done by highly-trained professions. The Colonial Toyota Service Department is only staffed by such people.

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How do I know if I need a transmission flush?

Transmission issues are potentially very series. If your automatic transmission sounds like it’s struggling to find the right gear, or a manual transmission is hard to shift, a flush could be needed. You can call the service department to schedule an appointment our you can use our online tool to have an expert take a look at your vehicle. After you choose your appointment time, a member of our team will contact you to confirm the appointment.

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If your vehicle is all over the road because of poor wheel alignment, it really won’t matter what kind of tires you are using. Colonial Toyota will be able to tell you if your wheels are out of whack. Even the best winter drivers slip and slide around. Having wheels that aren’t properly aligned will make a vehicle act in an unpredictable manner. This will have pretty obvious safety implications this winter. Don’t wait until winter officially arrives before you get your car, truck or crossover SUV into us for a look.

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