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Toyota Windshield Repair and Replacement near Westport, CT 

The windshield on the front of your car, truck or SUV is so much more than a simple piece of glass. It’s the primary way that the elements are kept at bay and to protect vehicle occupants from the various hazards found on the road. With that in mind, it’s important to recognize that this component is not invincible and if it’s called into action, it might need a little attention. Anyone looking for expertly handled Toyota windshield repair and replacement near Westport, CT should take a long look at the professionals staffing the Colonial Toyota Service Department. Our team uses the latest technology, equipment and techniques to repair cracks and chips or replace the entire glass unit.

If you don’t know if you just need windshield repair or an entire replacement, schedule an appointment for a quote today by calling 203-403-2640. 

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

How do I know if I need windshield repair or a total replacement? 

Obviously, the primary function a windshield serves is to keep the outside elements away of the inside of the vehicle. This not only helps keep the driver and their passengers comfortable but also helps drivers safely see the area surrounding their vehicle. A crack or a chip that lands in a driver’s eye line will obscure their outward view and/or cause unnecessary light refraction which can be all but blinding. Cracks of up to three inches long can be repaired if they are caught quickly. A crack on the edge of a windshield needs to be handled almost immediately because those are the ones that can go from bad to worse very fast. Chips up to the size of a quarter can also benefit from simple repairs. However, any damage that falls outside of those limits may require a full windshield replacement. 

Can you repair non-Toyota vehicles?

The pros working on the service side of the Colonial Toyota operation can repair just about anything that goes wrong with just about any vehicle a potential customer could bring to us. Our team is no stranger to fixing cars, trucks and SUVs from other automakers. We have the knowledge and available tools to get the job done quickly, but most importantly, correctly. Our service technicians will always use the same care to fix a customer’s vehicle as they would with their own. Additionally, we’ll always use factory approved parts for any job. 

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