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Toyota Fluid Top-Off And Checks In Milford, CT

The fluids used in modern automobiles play an incredibly important role. From helping dissipate heat to cleaning dirt off the windshield, there is an automotive fluid to do the job. Because of the inherent reliability of Toyota vehicles, most people are fortunate to never really have to worry about unexpectedly losing these fluids. But if someone needs Toyota fluid top-off and checks in Milford, CT, Colonial Toyota is here to help. Each service appointment at Colonial Toyota comes with a basic multi-point inspection that includes one of our well-qualified technicians making sure all of the important fluids in your vehicle are filled to the proper levels. In fact, if you need to get something as simple as windshield washer fluid topped off, the Colonial Toyota may be able to help you for free.

What Happens If My Car's Fluids Leak?

Running low on certain automotive fluids is perfectly normal. Windshield washer fluid is the best example of this. However, just about anything else that unexpectedly leaks from a vehicle, could be a sign that there are bigger problems at play. The best way to stay ahead of small issues before they become major ones is coming in for regular factory-recommended maintenance. What we're getting at is, that owners need to stay on top of their vehicle's maintenance routine before things get out of control. The Colonial Toyota Service Department uses the latest technology and Toyota-prescribed best practices for keeping vehicles on the road where they belong.


What Do Fluid Leaks Look Like?

There is a certain level of concern that a vehicle owner needs to have when a puddle of unidentified fluid is found under their car, truck or SUV. Obviously, an oil leak is a very bad sign – but what about the other fluids used by vehicles? Here are what some automotive fluids will look and smell like if you notice them on the ground.

Water — A few drops of water or a small puddle under a vehicle, isn't such a big deal. The most likely cause of water collecting under a vehicle is condensation from the air conditioner. Most experts say there isn't much to worry about unless other problems show up.


Coolant — Keeping an engine cool is very important to the overall health of a vehicle. Certainly, motor oil serves this function. However, there is another fluid that does this too – antifreeze or engine coolant. This fluid will have a distinct color, usually a shade of neon green or pink. Seeing antifreeze on the ground may mean problems with the radiator, you should schedule a service appointment today.


Transmission fluid — The stresses put on a vehicle's transmission requires some special components. Leaking transmission fluid will appear red in color and have a consistency similar to that of motor oil. It serves much the same function. A broken transmission can be a very expensive fix, do not ignore this symptom.

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