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Letters From Our Customers

Here at Colonial Toyota we truly care about our customers and the quality of our service we provide. We want to make sure you're happy with your vehicle purchase and the customer service you receive. To showcase how important your thoughts and opinions are to us we've collected some of the thank you letters we've received in the past. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write us these letters, they are much appreciated.

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Dear Mr. Raffone: Robin Hanson, Customer Relations Manager of Parts and Service, was the person I had the privilege of talking to this morning. I had called to ask a question and ended up asking her many questions because she had the patience, and an extraordinary knowledge base of all the services offered at Colonial Toyota. She made me feel so comfortable, her attention was focused on all my needs, making sure I understood everything, even repeating areas I still didn't understand. I never felt it was an intrusion, or wasting her time with my many concerns and questions. She even set up everything for me to make my life so much easier to service my 2012 Toyota. True to her word she e-mailed all of the information she said she would. Ms. Hanson is truly a Customer Service Extraordinaire. I hope Colonial Toyota values her exceptional service and attitude. Thank you, Madelaina


To Customer Relations: This is a note of praise. And I wanted to write it before I got the email asking for comments b/c many times I don’t have time for that /don’t do it. I purchased a terribly complicated additional service warranty from another state that has been a nightmare and has given me problems at every Toyota Dealership I’ve been to. This of course, is not your fault, but the shortcomings of the warranty company itself. That aside, other Toyota Service Departments in the past have been rude, belittling, and offensive. Towards me when I try to explain this service warranty I purchased. Not to throw them under the bus, but it is important for me to say this because of the contrast in service that I received here at Colonial. Today, Diana Malone helped me at the Service Desk. She listened patiently while I explained the mistake the warranty company made and the result situation that made me want to pull all my hair out (I have looong hair.) She spoke with me with respect and patiently explained to me various issues with my car, showing me price quotes, drawing diagrams, and answering my many questions, all with a good attitude. There was not a hint of annoyance or the feeling that I was wasting her time. When we had to call the warranty company for further clarification, she spoke with him with the same respect and good attitude. It is commendable to find a person who works professionally and honorably (especially in difficult situations that they are thrown into and had no part in causing.) I am truly thankful and grateful to have the pleasure of working with Diana. Perhaps these things seem like common courtesy, but having experienced the exact opposite treatment at other Toyota Service departments, today was like a breath of fresh air. On a side note, this ordeal started two days ago when my husband brought my car in for service. (And was informed that the warranty was invalid – a mistake on the warranty company’s part.) While I was not here myself, and even though my husband came home not getting done what he expected to, he still only had good things to say about The Colonial Toyota Service Department and specifically, about Arsenio Brown who had patiently tried to sort out the problem. These two people have made a frustrating and stressful situation bearable. THANK YOU!!!! Catherine Lan


Bobby Crabtree, my name is Jack Doesn’t mean a thing in the world. I’m just John Q public. I own a 2005 Nissan that I was told needed a lot of work by a garage I’ve been doing business with for 10 years. I knew Bob Foreman from my former employer. I called him up, talked to him. He did the complete assessment. They did the job, I hadn’t touched the car in a week. I went out yesterday, into the garage with all the funny weather we have. My garage is unattached and was damp. The car started right up and it ran like a dream.. I got to tell you Bob Foremen, and that entire crew out there took care of a Nissan. It’s a 2005 Sentra, and I’m a little on the handicapped side. I am missing a leg, well part of my leg, not the whole thing. I don’t get around as good as I should but that is my problem. The reason for me calling you is, I’m gonna tell you something that’s an accolade for these people. You took a car that has nothing to do with Toyota and put it back together for me. I was told it needed a head gasket by the other garage. (INCORRECT). I was told I needed a coil! (INCORRECT). And you guys changed the oil, tightened up the brakes, checked the whole car out and I got out of there for $599, as opposed to what would have been $3500, and that’s what Nissan told me and that’s what I was told by the guy I was doing business with, here in Bridgeport. If you want to get back to me for any reason, you should have to, I don’t have to speak with anybody because obviously a customer has been made. I know Bob from my former employer and he really took care of that car and I can’t Thank you enough. I thanked him on the phone today. I drove it around all day yesterday, not a thing wrong with it. Ran like a new car. It’s only 10 years old, 55K miles and I had people that wanted to charge me $2000 for it. You guys did extra work and I got outta there for $600 bucks. Thanks a lot. You made a customer and I will refer anybody, especially to Bob. I think he is a wonderful guy. Thanks a lot!


Dear Roger, We wanted to thank you for going the extra mile when you didn't have to last Friday. Making the extra calls to the manufacturer in our behalf and finding out that there was in fact a recall on the sunroof saved us at least $900.00. Having just moved to Milford, your diligence has now gained colonial Toyota 2 new devoted customers. Your exceptional level of service has convinced us that Colonial Toyota is the place for us to have our car serviced from now on. We are looking forward to dealing with a professional such as yourself in the future. Thank you! Sincerely, Eileen Cavanagh and Chris Brown


Mr. Raffone, I wanted to take the time to email you instead of an informal survey regarding my recent frame replacement.
Being a loyal Toyota owner for over 18 years, I was disappointed to find the rusted out frame on my 02 Tacoma.
First, let me say Toyota has always treated me well, as I needed an engine in my 4runner 12 years ago and Colonial Toyota helped me get the replacement covered under warranty. Thanks for that one.
Moving up to last month, I came in for a recall on the spare tire hold down, and had the frame checked and it was time for a replacement. This is where Colonial's Service Advisor Martin Dempsey stepped up and helped me thru the replacement process. As a mechanic myself for many years also, I realized the scale of this project. Having worked in the customer service business for most of my life, I also expected good service.
What I got was fantastic service. Martin Dempsey was more than professional, going, in my opinion, over the top to accommodate me.
He, along with others at Colonial, including yourself, I'm sure, turned my disappointment into an exciting project.
Now, off to the actual job, and I do mean JOB!. I read the whole 60 page Toyota parts and service document for the frame replacement procedure. I was impressed. Now steps up Colonials Service Tech Jose Romero.
Jose, Martin, and myself all met in the shop to go over what was to be done by Toyota, and what I needed done also.
Jose was to inspect all components of the truck on dissassembly and relate to Martin what other services or parts may need replacement as I wanted to make this great truck last me another 10 years. Jose found a few items needing attention, and some I mentioned that did not. I appreciate his honesty and integrity on the inspection. I gave Martin the go ahead on the noted issues, and Jose got to work. He is the one busting knuckes to make sure this job flows smoothly.
I supplied some parts myself that Jose installed for me according to our plan. After driving the Tacoma for a few days after Jose got the job done, I have found no problems so far, after this exhausting overhaul. My complements to Jose on a job well done. I know what he went through. Been there. Good job Jose.
So, as to my experience at Colonial Toyota, I must commend everyone involved, although Martin Dempsey, and Jose Romero were the two who interacted with me and made this unfortunate experience flow into an enjoyable end.
The truck sounds, handles, rides, feels, looks, like new. I am more than pleased with Colonial's effort to make this happen.
Please forward this email to Mr. Crabtree also, as I feel he should know the team he has in place gets the job done. I know there is no "I" in "team", but, "team" got this one done.
I could never relate this experience in a canned survey, and people who are familiar with my experience are equally impressed.
So, again, my thanks to everyone involved, especially Martin Dempsey, and Jose Romero. Both are exceptional employees.
Please make sure Mr. Crabtree sees this email, and, Mr Raffone, again, thanks to you and your team. Job well done.
Thanks Toyota and Colonial for hooking me up....again.... big time.
Thanks to the rental dept, and the cashier... nice, efficient people.
Did I forget anyone?..I'm pleased.... can you tell?

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